If you play football, you learn to pass, catch, block and tackle.

If you play baseball or softball, you learn to throw, catch, field, bat and run the bases.

If you play volleyball, you learn to bump, set and spike.

If you play basketball, you learn to shoot, pass, dribble and defend.

No matter what sport you play, if you want to play it well, you must learn and master the fundamentals.

So I ask you, if you want to run well, what are the fundamentals you need to learn?


THE FUNDAMENTALS OF RUNNING:  A Foundation of Fundamentals

I remember the day that I first realized that there was more to running than just running.  I had just finished competing in my heat of the 5000 at the University of Kentucky Invitational.  My coach and I were watching the next heat.  Towards the end of the race he put his arm around me and said,  “Neal, see that guy leading the race?  That is what I want you to look like when you run. ”  Then pointing to a guy running towards the back, he said, “See that guy, that is what you look like when you run.”  It was the first time I ever realized that how you run makes a difference.

Since then I have been studying what is the best way to train and run.  I have developed a 5-Level Foundation of Fundamentals.  It looks like this:

  • Movement  –              Coordination, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Endurance
  • Training Principles – Consistency, Progression, Variety, Specificity
  • Energy Systems –      Alactic Anaerobic, Anaerobic, Aerobic
  • Recovery –                  Rest, Restitution
  • Attitude-                     Give your all; be willing to change

The best thing about fundamentals is that they are all areas you can continue to improve.