Endurance is the easiest of the five biomotor units to develop.  If done consistently, you should see improvement in this area very quickly.


Endurance is any thing done at less then 100% intensity that takes more then 7 seconds to finish.  Max speed and max strength are anything done at 100% intensity that take 7 seconds or less.  There are three primary types of endurance.

  1. Strength endurance – this is any strength training that requires 6+ reps.  The more reps the more focus is on endurance and the less on strength.
  2. Speed endurance – uses primarily the anaerobic system.  Intervals are from 45 secs.-       2 min. long with 3-5 times the recovery.
  3. Aerobic endurance – any intervals 2+ minutes long with an equal or less recovery time up to steady runs.

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