Progression is the second training principle that must be followed.  The body always responds to the training it is given.  It adjusts to the stress.  Once the stress is adjusted to, the body will decondition if the stress is not increased.  Progression of training is necessary in order to see improvement.

Progression takes time.  With consistent training, it will take a minimum of ten years for most individuals to reach their full athletic potential.  Progression must be taken in small steps.  Make sure you go from step 1 to step 2 to step 3.  Too many times in training, individuals try to jump from step 1 to step 3.  It ends up being too much stress on the  body and the individual gets hurt.  Even worse, sometimes individuals try to start at step 3 when their body is only ready for step 1.  Start at the appropriate level for you and progress step by step.

There are lots of different progressions that should be made.  Here are some to follow:

  • Low intensity to high intensity
  • Slow to fast
  • Light to heavy
  • Short to long
  • General to specific

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