Variety is the third training principle.  As a track coach, I noticed a certain pattern to the training of my athletes.  Sprinters wanted to always do speed workouts.  Throwers always wanted to do strength workouts.  Distance runners wanted to do endurance workouts.  They all got fixated on one particular type of training.  The body, however responds to variety in training.  Why?  Because it has a variety of movements and a variety of energy systems.  We have already gone over movements.  Everyone has all five (coordination, strength, flexibility, speed, endurance).  How much training that needs to be done in each area depends on the talents of the individual and the needs of the event.  The body also has three energy systems.  These will be covered in the next level of the foundation.  For now it is important to know that all three energy systems must be trained.  Just like movement, how much training for each depends on the talents of the individual and the needs of the event.

Progression also adds to the variety of training that can be done:  general to specific, low intensity to high intensity, short to long, slow to fast.

By mixing and matching movements, energy systems and progression, you can develop a wide variety of workouts.

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